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Are you a Mom who’s stopped having fun? 

Do you have a disability, chronic illness, and/or chronic pain?  Do you work all day, having only enough energy to have dinner and crash at the end of the day?

This Book is for YOU!

Inside you’ll find 25 things to do :

  •  during “me time”
  •  with the love of your life
  •  with your friends

You’ll also find:

  • Solutions to ditch the fun stealing guilt
  • 100 Fun things to do with the kids (even when you’re exhausted)
  • And much more…


Jen Hardy

I am a collector of eclectic diseases and mystifier of physicians.  I’m the mom of 7 children from 6-28, & the wife of an amazing retired soldier.  After 2 decades of undiagnosed illness, I was misdiagnosed, leading to 5 separate week long hospital stays in 2014.  While I was there, I searched for positive ways to parent while stuck in bed but couldn’t find any resources…so I created one! 

Chronically Positive Mom is the blog I started to help moms with chronic illness & pain to find ways to stay positive when things get tough.

I wrote “The Sick Moms Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!” in 8 days in March, 2017.  It’s a fabulous tool to find ways to enjoy your life again, even while struggling with pain and illness.  I didn’t even know before I did the research for it that there were 50 things I could do with my kids when I can’t even get off the couch!  There are over 200 things to do to have fun, even when you don’t have much energy at all.

I’m here for you too!  I am creating a safe place for all moms dealing with health issues to connect, share, and build friendships with people who get it.  You can check out the Chronically Positive Moms Facebook Group here.


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Millions of moms are living with health issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cancer, pain, and disability.

You don’t have to struggle alone!  Finally, there is a reference for chronically ill moms.  In addition, I’ve got a great group of people who are just waiting to meet you and welcome you in to our family!  If you just don’t know where to start, go here: https://www.jenhardy.net/mom-i-can-solve-your-problems/

If it seems overwhelming, remember, there is hope!  Almost all moms feel overwhelmed sometimes, but we can help one another to find the best solutions to conquering this.  And we can have some fun while we’re at it!