Take the survey & guide the course of the first ever podcast for chronically ill moms   Millions of moms in the U.S. have chronic illness, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety!  Millions more chronically ill moms live around the world.  Who is taking care of them?   I am   No, I can’t take care of every woman individually, but I’ve started a global dialogue through the Chronically Positive Moms support group and social media.  Now, I’m taking to the airwaves with The Sick Mom’s Guide Podcast.  I’m going to give you a new connection and share the kind of information you need in aRead More →

When mom’s sick, everyone suffers.   Are you a mom who’s  struggling to keep it together?  Do you have health issues that are making life difficult?  I’m here to help!   Chronic illness and chronic pain create a lack of energy, time, and patience.  But moms have to do so many things for so many people, we can’t just focus on ourselves until we feel better!  Can I really solve all of your problems?  No.  But I CAN help you with them!  Join me on this journey, we’re going to make things better! I’m not a doctor, and I never pretend to be one here. Read More →

  Do you ever wish there was a list of what to say to you when you’re not feeling well?  Here it is! I’m sure you’ve been there before, a well-meaning friend or relative says they have the perfect way to heal you forever.  Maybe they tell you how “lucky” you are not to have a different disease.  Or they try to make you feel better by telling you that you don’t “look sick.”  Unfortunately, those things tend to make us feel worse, so I’ve compiled a list of things to say to someone with a chronic illness or disability.   WHAT TO SAY toRead More →

I made a mistake & I’m changing it up   I hate admitting that I make mistakes, just ask my husband.  Or my kids.  Now it’s all changing   When I started the Chronically Positive Mom blog, I had the best intentions.  I wrote a whole lotta stuff that I’d want someone to tell me.  The problem was, I didn’t write as much of what you wanted to hear.  And let’s face it, if I’m just writing for myself I need a journal, not a blog. The blog, Chronically Positive Mom was a great idea, but difficult to find.  There was another website called thesickmomsguide.comRead More →

Imagine a home without arguments that home can be yours!   You can stop fighting with your kids and live in a calm, peaceful, argument-free home. When it comes to conflict with your child, DO NOT ENGAGE IN AN ARGUMENTS! As the parent, you decide what does and does not happen in your household. If your child does not like what you are saying and starts arguing with you, do not respond with more arguing. You need to keep your emotions in check and stop the arguments before they happen. What if the person/people arguing with you aren’t kids?  Just follow the same principles and letRead More →

Making money from home is great!   You want to make money from home, but with so many scams out there, how do you find something legit?  I’ve found a few things to share with you.  Because living with chronic illness is hard enough, we don’t need to be sick and broke.     Legit Part-time ways to make money     CLICK HERE FOR A HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE on 101 ways you can make $500 per month. I’m not really sure about the legitimacy of all of them. (Did you know about #88?  It seems a little sketchy…) The list will DEFINITELY give you someRead More →

Your kids will help you with cleaning today!   Would you believe me if I told you all of your kids can start cleaning up today?  When you ask your kids to help you clean up, do they run for the hills, whine, or just ignore you?   I’ve got the solution that will have them helping you today!  It’s as simple as counting as high as their age.  That’s it!   Has this ever happened to you? The Kids are home.  The house is messy. There’s laundry to do, dishes to wash, dinner to make, & You.  Feel.  Rotten.   You don’t want to lookRead More →

Overwhelmed with the mess in your house? This 6 step plan will have it picked up in 1 hour!   Having a clean house doesn’t have to take hours.  Give yourself permission to have it be “good enough,” let go of the perfection, and you can get it done. We’ve almost all had it happen, the phone rings and you’ve got someone on the way to visit & you need a clean house now.  But your home looks like the circus has come to stay.  You’re feeling exhausted, and still want them to feel comfortable & give the illusion that you live in a cleanRead More →

How do I create beauty in my life?   How do you create beauty when you don’t have the time, energy or money?  I’m not talking about hair and makeup, or fashion.  I’m talking about having you create beauty in your surroundings.  As women, we are attracted to beauty.  But, as moms, many of us don’t put much effort in making our own surroundings beautiful because we’re busy trying to make everyone else’s lives better.  Today, I want us to work in making the space that we’re in most often more beautiful. Beauty means different things to different people. To some women, beauty is hot pink and aRead More →

This book is a love letter to all Moms who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.   Every mom goes through periods of exhaustion.  Between caring for the kiddos, working (at an office or in the house all day) cooking, cleaning, and running around, there are some days that it’s just hard to get moving.  Add a chronic health issue, depression, or anxiety to the mix and even thinking about coming up with fun things to do seems like another chore.  Not any more!   You really can live a joyful, fun life, no matter what’s happening around you!   The SickRead More →